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Tynia Lolita Allen (born January 31, 1980), “known professionally as Arerol Soul, is an American poet, writer, producer, and entertainer. As a poet, she began writing poetry at age 5 and continued writing throughout her teen years.


 She wrote her first book in (2003) "Out of Darkness, Into the Light" which she self–published and was accompanied by a cd. The cd she produced, directed, and recorded in Chicago, (2012) along with a satire short story video, “known as “Show Me". The video "Show Me" was also awarded a Golden Aurora Award (2013) and a Telly Award (2014). With the video, her first musically accompanied cd was created "In My Shadow". Arerol Soul was nominated for an Independent Music Award (2015) in the Spoken Word Song Category, for the song entitled “Gotta Let You Go” from her "In My Shadow" Album.


Then she wrote her second musically accompanied cd "Blank Page" with her signature track "Fawn Wings". (2017) She also released the track entitled "I Wanna Go" from her short story series album entitled "Stanzas".(2019)

Now it's 2022- 2023 and Arerol Soul will release her track "Know You" as an NFT. This will be the first of her IMMM (Inspirational Motivational Musical Movement)  works.


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